Hi there!

My name is Kry García and I am a Spanish illustrator, comic artist, sometimes a writer and, in short, a story-teller. I am influenced by folk tales, ghosts stories and classic literature, and my work indulges in symbolism and dark fantasy, with a hint of humour. I work with dip pens and ink, although I often finish my illustrations digitally. 


I currently live in London, UK, where you can find me chasing squirrels and drinking my weight in Earl Grey tea. If you want to contact me, please feel free to drop me a line at kry.garciagarcia@gmail.com. In the meantime, make yourself at home:  you can check out a selection of my work, social media links are at the top, the blog can be found in the menu and make sure you subscribe to the newsletter.

Enjoy your stay and, above all, have a lovely day.