March 2019

Wallace Collection

Mar 28, 2019 Wallace Collection featured

The Wallace collection is not only the home of one of the largest decorative arts and European paintings collections, but it also has that kind of story one loves to hear when you go to a house like that: eccentric rich men obsessed with French aesthetics, an illegitimate child who inherited everything, travels to exotic Read more

Grant Museum of Zoology

Mar 14, 2019 Zoology featured

Very close to the British Museum but unlike it, quite unknown, is the Grant Museum of Zoology of London. It is not bigger than a room and it contains hundreds of jarred creatures and skeletons of many animals — some of them extinct — from a dugong to all sorts of microscopical specimens in the Micrarium. If Read more

Monthly Challenge: Rooms

Mar 07, 2019

Every artist has some “least favourite” topic, something that he/she tries to avoid when drawing (I’d say that hands, feet and horses may be the most unpopular things to draw). Illustrator Frannerd started a series of challenges for her Patreons at the end of last year, consisting in exploring a theme for a month and share Read more