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Once I settled my “rules”, I took every prompt and before sketching, I started to play around with memories and facts from my childhood that could be related to it. I wasn’t expecting this, but I have to say I got quite emotional with this part of the process: it’s always very personal when it comes to any artistic creation, but the nature of this particular challenge made the whole thing very introspective. In some way, it was like looking through some kind of mental photo album and that’s what I tried some of the illustrations to look like.

I used to be terrified about the final art, especially in this kind of challenges with tight deadlines. But sometimes deadlines are a great way to stop overthinking and see these pieces as they are: works in process that you can remake at any time (because there is ALWAYS something good about them that you can learn from).

If you are hesitant about trying any challenge (even if it’s not an artistic one), I encourage you to do so: it builds self-discipline and there is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment once you are finished. Although I don’t love all of these illustrations, I have learnt some good lessons that I (and you) probably knew but sometimes we all need a friendly reminder:

-Follow your guts, even (especially) when it doesn’t look like the regular, obvious path.

-Opening up a little it’s good for you and for the sake of connecting with others and there is nothing wrong about it.

-The best way to find your own imagery is your own experience (duh!).

These are the last three pieces and a little extra. Thanks for reading!

5. Shadows

Yep, I was afraid of the dark too (not a huge fan now, either). A shoutout to my parents for the many, many nights I woke them up because I saw whatever.

6. Guardian

I used to live in a place with a big tree on the garden, like a protector of the house. I cried so much the day we cut it down that my mom told me that its roots were getting so big that they were going to damage de house…this is more or less what I imagined she meant.

7. Sun

My birthday is in August, but that month is so slow and so weird that is easy to get lost on these days. So basically my summers were all about going to camp, playing, reading, staying late,… and all of a sudden, celebrating a birthday that I didn´t remember in the first place.